Discounted Products to Manage Risk

CAU searches for products and services that will help to minimize insured losses in community associations. Associations insured through CAU can purchase the following products and services at a discount.

FloodChek™ Washing Machine Hoses:

FloodChek™ guarantees its hoses against leaking or bursting for up to 20 years.
Associations insured through CAU can purchase these hoses at a discounted price through Creative Laundry Systems, Inc. Simply call (800) 369 - 4771 or go online at and indicate that you are insured through CAU. The quantity of hoses ordered will determine the discount.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE - The risk management information presented by CAU in this web site is based on information from sources which we believe to be reliable, but is not guaranteed and may not be a complete statement of all available data. Any suggested actions recommended by CAU are based solely upon an analysis of available industry data and our best judgment. You are encouraged to have your legal counsel review all of your proposed plans and policies before implementing them.
Claims Story
Claims Story
In life, there are both good and bad surprises. Finding two leaky oil tanks buried on association property definitely qualifies as a bad surprise. That’s the nightmare one condominium association insured by CAU recently faced.