About Us

Community Association Underwriters of America, Inc. (CAU) is one of the largest insurance providers in the United States, serving only community associations, residential and office condominiums, cooperative apartments, and homeowners associations.

CAU is a leader in community association insurance protection. Across the United States, CAU provides insurance for thousands of associations with hundreds of thousands of units.

CAU was established exclusively to meet the unique insurance requirements of community associations and has designed its policies to specifically address community association concerns. CAU professionals underwrite all coverages and provide prompt policy issuance. In addition, CAU provides direct billing, claims adjustment, and other customer services.

Comprehensive Coverages

CAU can structure an insurance program with comprehensive coverages for your association’s specific needs, regardless of the size or type of your association. In addition to superior property and liability coverages, CAU offers:

  • Employee Dishonesty (Fidelity) coverage
  • Directors & Officers Liability coverage
  • Environmental Impairment Liability coverage
  • Commercial Automobile coverage
  • Equipment & Machinery coverage
  • Building Ordinance coverage
  • Workers' Compensation coverage
  • Employee Benefits Liability coverage

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Specific Package Policy Enhancements Include:

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost for all Buildings, Structures and Community Personal Property
  • Liability with No General Aggregate
  • Directors & Officers Liability for Non-Money Damages
  • Employee Dishonesty and Directors & Officers Liability for Property Managers and Firms

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Experienced Agents

CAU’s agents are a select group of community association insurance professionals. While other insurance providers may have thousands of agents representing their programs, very few agents qualify to represent the CAU program. You can be assured that when you talk with a CAU agent, you are talking to a community association specialist with extensive experience in this unique insurance discipline. Back to Top

Quality Service

Your association will appreciate CAU’s dedication to providing excellent service. CAU’s commitment to quality ensures complete reliability in handling important transactions, rapid resolution of claims, prompt policy service and efficient billing procedures. Back to Top

Commitment to Research

CAU’s dedication to research results in innovative coverages, such as protection for real estate community managers under the association’s directors and officers liability coverage. Furthermore, it enables CAU to react quickly to harmful emerging trends and new loss exposures with prompt, cost effective implementation of additional coverages. Back to Top

Backed by the Premier Insurers in the World

Crucial to any insurance program is the financial strength of its insurers. CAU’s size and experience facilitate its worldwide access to premier insurers, whose outstanding financial performance is accorded excellent ratings from insurance industry rating organizations. Back to Top

Asset Protection

Catastrophes impose a tremendous financial burden on those community associations with inadequate insurance coverage. Such tragedies dramatically illuminate the necessity for insurance protection developed by professionals specifically for the unique needs of community associations. Standard insurance policies do not provide all the coverages needed by community associations.

One of the most important responsibilities of a community association board of directors and its community manager is to secure the protection of the best insurance program possible. Insurance review and placement can be a real challenge for many association boards and their officers. For this reason, you should have your insurance policy checked today by a community association insurance specialist representing CAU. Back to Top

Claims Story
Claims Story
In life, there are both good and bad surprises. Finding two leaky oil tanks buried on association property definitely qualifies as a bad surprise. That’s the nightmare one condominium association insured by CAU recently faced.