Claims Forms

Claim Forms

Click on the claim form you wish to download.
All forms are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
Enter the loss information on the fill-in form.

In the Event of a Claim

  • All claims must be reported by an association’s board of directors or community manager.
    Individual unit owners may not report claims to CAU.
  • To expedite claims reporting, include your CAU account number or policy number.
  • Claims may be reported in the following ways:
    • Email your claim form to CAU at:
    • Fax your claim form to CAU at: 267-757-7424
    • Call CAU toll free at: 1-800-228-1930
  • For general claims questions:
    • Call CAU toll free at: 1-800-228-1930
    • Call CAU’s direct dial phone number:
      267-757-7329 or 267-757-7128

Emergency and temporary repairs you can do in the event of a large fire loss or water damage claim

  • Board up windows and cover openings in the roof and exterior surfaces to prevent additional damage from wind, water, animals and other causes.
  • Dry out, clean and disinfect the building with extractors, pumps, high speed fans and dryers. Clean and sanitize materials and equipment.
  • Set up temporary electric, plumbing and heating facilities.
  • If there is standing water, the electricity should be shut off. The association may require a professional to do this.

Special Notes

  • Make sure that the area in which the loss originated remains intact so a cause and origin expert can inspect it, if needed.
  • Items removed from a unit should be set aside for an adjuster to inspect.
  • It is helpful to have the association’s contractor inspect the loss with the adjuster.
Claims Story
Claims Story
In life, there are both good and bad surprises. Finding two leaky oil tanks buried on association property definitely qualifies as a bad surprise. That’s the nightmare one condominium association insured by CAU recently faced.